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Fishery Rules

The following baits are allowed under Blakehall Fishery rules:
Corn, maggots, casters, pellets, luncheon meat, hemp, worms, paste and non-floating bread. Soft hook pellets (not as feed pellets).

Barbless hooks only maximum size 10.

No Trout pellets.

No braid hook lengths.

Fishing off marked pegs only.

No lines to be left unattended.

All fish to be netted.

No casting beyond halfway on any pool.

You can feed pole line when feeder fishing.

Any pellets can be used on hook. Only Blakehall Fishery pellets to be used for feeding.

No floating baits allowed.

No fish to be handled in any cloth material.

All landing nets must be dried.

No fishing allowed without a landing net.

Anglers are responsible for clearing any litter from their peg before leaving.

Two rods are allowed throughout the year. Price for second rod is £5.00 per day.


Match Rules

Blakehall Fishery has a strict keep net policy. All keep nets must be dried and put in the pool 10 minutes before the match. Please understand that anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave Blakehall Fishery.

2017 Ticket Prices


£7 Adults

£6 O.A.P, Disabled

£4 Junior (u14)


£150 Adults

£120 O.A.P, Disabled, Junior (u14)

6 Months

£80 Adults, O.A.P, Disabled, Junior (u14)

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2017 Day Tickets

£7  adults

£6  oap/disabled

£4  juniors u14

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About Us

Blakehall Fishery is a complex of 5 pools which are spring fed wth more than 80,000 gallons of fresh oxygen water each day.

Situated near the Staffordshire market town of Cheadle, about 10 minutes from the A50 that links Stoke-on-Trent at Uttoxeter.

The Fishery provides ample car parking with vehicle access to most pegs and is ideal for use by disabled anglers and families.

Opening Times

You can enjoy the attractively landscaped 40 acre site for fishing all year round with hours of opening from:


7am to dusk


8am to dusk

Blakehall Fishery
Brookhouse Road
ST10 2NJ

  01538 753908
  07970 732656